Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE from the Peace, Love, and Music Festival

April 9

The Cosmic Awakening Show broadcasted LIVE from the Peace, Love, and Music Festival at the Summerland Ranch in Bonita Springs, Florida on April 9 at 8pm Eastern! Michelle Walling talks with festival organizers Tim (freedom Evelving) and Cherie about freedom for humanity and how music affects us vibrationally. We also … Continue reading

Awakening 101- What You Need To Know About

flower of life

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, One day you began to realize that there is something really wrong with the way we are living on the planet. “Land of the free, home of the brave” seemed to be out of reach in America. Now that you are spiritually awakened … Continue reading

The Three Levels Of Learning Discernment


by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, Our consciousness is experiencing this lifetime in a holographic matrix, and we are existing on many levels and many places at the same time. Really, the only thing real here is our Source energy consciousness. However, in order to move out of this … Continue reading

Inner Earth Dracos And The False Light Campaign

inner earth draco

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, We know about the false light in the afterlife that has magnetically pulled our soul into the reincarnation trap. Now we are uncovering the campaign here on Earth that has kept us under a spell lifetime after lifetime so that we can finally … Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show: Hyper-acceleration with Goz Stone and Lily Earthling

March 19 Hyper with Lily and Goz

Host Michelle Walling welcomes back Lily Earthling and Goz Stone to expand on more ideas regarding the Earth Organic Timeline. In particular, we have hit a hyper-acceleration point on the planet where humanity is making the possibilities from the futre shift to the now with faster than light speed! There … Continue reading

Houses That Heal, Grow Their Own Food, And Produce Their Own Energy


by Michelle Walling, Staff writer, Fernando Vossa of Searl Magnetics is one of the forerunners of free energy and healing technologies that will be soon available to the world through open sourcing. Many things are occurring on the planet at this time that will allow for these inventions to … Continue reading