Cosmic Awakening Show- Q&A With Michelle Walling

October 29 Q&A

Join host Michelle Walling for a Q&A in the following subjects: Why Starseeds have awakened before the majority of the population. New Age Healing Deceptions: How healing methods of the past are no longer effective and what to do instead. Why we do not need a guru or savior.

Activating Your DNA With The Source Floodlight

actovating DNA

by Michelle Walling, Staff writer, Many New Age methods are becoming transparent or simply not working at all for lightworkers, energy workers, and starseeds. Methods that use the white light to heal or to transmute energy within your body are beginning to uncover hidden problems. Because of the new … Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 14: John Brandenburg Secret Space Program Conference

Episode 14

Metaphysical and spiritual transformational coach meets rocket scientist! In5d Network’s Michelle Walling interviews Secret Space Program Conference speaker Dr. John Brandenburg, who is a plasma physicist working as a consultant at Morningstar Applied Physics LLC and a part-time instructor of Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics at Madison College, and other learning … Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 13: Olav Phillips Secret Space Program Conference Speaker

Episode 13 Olav

In5d Network’s Michelle Walling interviews Olav Phillips, who is a speaker at the 2015 Secret Space Conference in Bastrop, TX on October 31- November 1. I will be at this conference doing various interviews with the speakers, and I thought I would give you a little introduction to Olav. He … Continue reading

In5d Network Episode 12 Catherine Austin Fitts and the Secret Space Program Conference


In this episode, In5d Network’s Michelle Walling introduces Catherine Austin Fitts, who will be a speaker at the 2015 Secret Space program Conference in Bastrop, TX (outside of Austin) Oct. 31- Nov.. Michelle will be interviewing some of the speakers at this event. Michelle asks Catherine about the metaphysical side … Continue reading

Off The Hook Energies Leads To Higher Self Messages And Decoding the Matrix

Off the hook

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, Many clues are all around us to help us decode the truth and see the matrix for what it really is. The energies from the month of September have shifted us into a whole new level of consciousness and we are preparing for … Continue reading

Cosmic Awakening Show- Balancing Emotional Polarity With Fernando Vossa

Fernando Vossa Emotional

Join host Michelle Walling as she welcomes Fernando Vossa back to the show. Fernando is a free energy researcher, ufo specialist, time control scientist, ascension healer, light body alchemist, and inventor. Find out more from

How To Neutralize Implants

neutralize implants

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, The word implant has been described as being an energetic gateway for negative beings to connect to our bodies. Implants can be physically inserted through E.T. abductions or can be ingested through Chemtrails, GMO foods, and many other substances in our lives. Implants … Continue reading

41st UFO Dinner Event With Marc Gray: With Guest Michelle Walling


Marc Gray from Freedom UFO’s interviewed Michelle Walling on 09-26-2015. Marc held a dinner event from L’Etrier Restaurant in France, while Michelle Skyped from Sarasota, FL, USA. Topics covered were: How to raise your Vibration, Wave X and the Planetary Shift. Marc translated Michelle’s words as she spoke in English, … Continue reading

Timeline Shifting, Anomalies, And October Wave X Update

wave x update

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, Lights. Camera. Action! Many prepared for Wave X and the actors in the play were set into motion. The ground crew was ready to anchor the light as it bathed the planet, and the protagonists followed their roles to a “t”. What is … Continue reading