Rising Frequencies Radio Presents: An Interview With Michelle Walling From In5d


Hosts Lisa Renee Rising and Andrea Covington Mullaney Interview Michelle Walling from the popular metaphysical. spiritual, and esoteric In5d.com website. Listen to a truly wonderful show with Michelle Walling as she discusses her amazing life’s journey and how we can best prepare for the upcoming transition into the new energetic … Continue reading

Anonymous Insider Shares Vision Of Ascension After Near Death Experience

anonymous shares insider

by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, In5D.com What would it be like to wake up in another dimension? This is the reality that many people have seen in their meditations, giving some credence to the idea that ascension could happen in an instant. One woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, … Continue reading

Has Your Spiritual Awakening Cost You Some Friends?

Episode 4

In5d Network’s Michelle Walling discusses the issues people face with family and friends who have not awakened. As you begin to accelerate your spiritual awakening, you find yourself getting tired of pretending and find it hard to keep your truth to yourself. Sometimes this can cost you some friends or … Continue reading

How To Avoid Negative Harvesting And Reincarnation


by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, In5D.com Michelle Walling from in5d Network discusses the reincarnation cycle and what to do if you are finished with this third dimensional experience. She also discusses dying and how to go “home”. Here is a synopsis of this video:

The Great Energetic Transformation – Michelle Walling On Escape The Prison Matrix

the great transformation

Host Alan Stockdale from Escape The Prison Matrix interviews In5d’s Michelle Walling about the upcoming “Great Energetic Transformation”. Topics covered include: What is Wave X and what it is not How we will “clean up” the planet of negative energy Why some are seeing into the next density Timeline incursions … Continue reading

What Do The Elders Say About The Shift?


by Michelle Walling, CHLC Staff writer, In5D.com  Kiesha Crowther’s job at this time is to share the wisdom of the indigenous spiritual elders in order to reduce the fear of what is happening on the planet at this time. Kiesha shares extremely valuable information about how the magnetic pole shift … Continue reading